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Our Integrated Partners

ReyComm has partnered with leading manufacturers to enable us to build the finest communications infrastructure in the industry.


Denke Laboratories dba Hascall-Denke is a vertically integrated Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, manufacturing, and research and development company headquartered in Palmetto, FL.  The company provides advanced antenna solutions customized to its customers’ needs and requirements.  All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Palmetto, FL (USA).

Hascall-Denke was founded in June 1986 and began building its business with one single customer, Motorola Incorporated, Government Electronics Group, in Scottsdale Arizona. From that very first day of existence and continuing today, we have focused on building our business one-customer-at-a-time.  Hascall-Denke has built a worldwide reputation for unparalleled excellence in RF design by providing leading edge technology to ever evolving communications platforms that provide performance and reliability in the harshest environments.  We have charted a course that will eventually lead us into every aspect and application of RF antenna design. With our strong foundation in engineering, design, and manufacturing we will always bring the most recent developments in antenna technology, performance, and quality.

Vision – To become the world’s antenna source.

Mission– To shape the future of antenna engineering and manufacturing by providing innovative customized solutions, offering diverse quality products backed by our world-class customer service.



No matter what your communication needs may be, Icom has the system for you. Icom goes beyond the traditional VHF and UHF two-way radios providing peace of mind and keeps you connected anywhere and anytime.

Icom continues developing innovative solutions in response to diversifying user needs and can now offer a wide range of two-way radio platforms from analog, digital,P25, wireless LAN, LTE, Satellite. IOT or any combination of these to interoperate through the VEPG-4 as a true comprehensive wireless communications system. Let Icom help with your system design for single site, multi-site, trunked, and simulcast systems.​


Established in 2000, Strix Syst​ems, Inc., is an acclaimed market leader in high-performance, multi-hop, multi-radio, highly reliable, Wireless Mesh Networks. Strix has a global presence with customers in the US, EMEA, Asia and SEA. It is a pioneer in Wireless Mesh Networking with many US and international patents. Strix Fixed and Mobile Wireless Mesh Networks are employed by: Municipalities and Law Enforcement for public safety communications (using the 4.9 GHz public safety frequency) and video surveillance, and for infrastructure monitoring and public Internet access (using the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies).


Forest Industries Telecommunication (FIT) was established in 1947 to assist the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the management of electromagnetic spectrum used by two-way radio users. FIT is one the premier FCC-certified frequency coordination firms. For more than three-quarters of a century, the association has dedicated itself to helping businesses and user groups obtain and maintain their radio licenses. Its experience, dedication, and expertise are unrivaled.


Primus Electronics delivers solutions that power businesses, government, education, and research, connecting individuals and entire communities. Primus will help you in the planning, design, and construction of high-performing, cost-efficient communication solutions.

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