Tactical ATC Console

Tactical Air Traffic Control (ATC) Console

Tactical ATC

Tactical Air Traffic Control Console

Tactical ATC Console

ATC with Two Icom A220's

ATC Console at an Air Show

ATC Console Top View

Product Overview

ReyComm has developed an industry-leading mobile Tactical ATC (Air Traffic Control) Console. There is demand for this product in the Air Show Industry, Wildland Firefighting, as a backup for ATC Towers, and any other uses that require reliable and clear ground-to-air communications.

We are now offering Localized recording and storage of all traffic that passes through the system. These recordings are invaluable in the event that an incident or accident occurs and will provide key information for any investigation or review.

This go-anywhere unit can be housed in our Nanuk 935 case, identical in size to any standard carry-on roller bag. The numerous different configurations we offer ensure that your unit will be customized to your exact needs and preferences.

It is available with either one Icom A220 radio with a two-place intercom or with two Icom A220’s systems with a 4 place PS Engineering intercom. The unit can be configured for either right- or left-hand operation. We also use a ceramic coating on the aluminum plate to dissipate heat in direct sunlight.



I was in the market for a better solution to the standard radio configuration that is commonplace in the Airboss industry. After some careful research, I came upon the excellent folks at ReyComm. They listened to my concerns regarding the limitations of the radio system that was available and knew they could do better. They build a custom product that exceeds all expectations in performance, convenience and self contained portability. I use it in the Airboss field and also at Temporary Air Traffic Control Towers throughout the country. I could not ask for a better designed system.
Tim Fitzgerald
Air Boss and Temporary Tower Manager
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