Customized Communication Solutions

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to our client’s communications needs. That is what we offer custom solutions based on your exact needs. 

Equipment Retailer

We take pride in offering nothing less than the highest quality products and back it with industry-leading customer service. If your equipment or antenna needs an update, give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff today.

Customized System Design

With over 35 years experience, let us craft a custom system to solve your communications needs. We specialize in combining traditional radios with LTE and Satellite technology.

New Product Creation

ReyComm has partnered with nearly one hundred other manufacturers, each technology leaders in their industry to give us the resources needed for clean-sheet product design. Every ReyComm product starts with a customer that has an idea.

Frequency Coordination

ReyComm provides our customers complete frequency coordination services. We handle the paperwork for you.

Portable Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

Our partner, Strix Systems, specializes in WiFi Mesh Networks. Combined with Icom's line of Wi-Fi radios, we can meet your needs with unmatched reliability and flexibility without recurrent costs.


We offer our customers significant access to the design team. Our belief is that the only way us to produce game-changing technology for our customers is through a process of close collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking. We never charge customers to do a little research and see if we can bring their idea to life.

FCC Licensing

Pursuant to CFR 47 1.903 you are required to license your two-way radios. Failure to comply with this mandate can subject the end-user to fines, often many thousands of dollars (see CFR 47 1.80). Obtaining a valid license is also your best defense against interference. For compliance, and questions contact FCC Certified Frequency Coordinators at FIT 888-583-2way.

Click here to contact us about any of your FCC Licensing questions.

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