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Reycomm Portable Tactical Repeater

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Low-loss Switching System


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Tactical Repeater

Product Overview

The ReyComm Portable Tactical Repeater is simply in a class of its own. We were approached by a customer who had a few simple requests, make a portable repeater that can operate on the GMRS channels and the FEMA U-Tac frequencies. It also had to fit in the overhead bin on an aircraft.

The project began with the selection of the Nanuk 935case specifically designed to be used as a carry-on bag. We then added features and capabilities that have never been combined before. Our priority when designing this product was to make the unit customizable so that each customer gets the features they need.

As with all our products, we stand behind this unit and guarantee that it will exceed your expectations. We have the highest quality standards in the industry and verify that every unit meets those standards.

Choose between Icom’s FR5300/FR6300 VHF/UHF 50-watt repeater. An onboard LiFePO battery pack that provides at least 2 hours of runtime before needing A/C power.


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